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Friday, December 2, 2022


Q:   How do I get started?
A:   Click on the link provided in the Unit Notification letter or GO TO Statements of Economic Interest section of our website - - and click on "Statements of Economic Interest" that appears at the left side of the page. The system's main page will appear. Click the "UNITS" button to access the Units of Government login page. (If you do not see a UNITS button, please call Shauna Becker in the clerk's office at 630-232-5954)

Q:   What is my username?
A:   Your username is the unit code in uppercase (KK10) for your unit of government. Your unit code is the same as it has been in the past. Your unit code if not known appears on the Units of Government Code Listing on the unit login page. Find your code on the list adjacent to your unit name. Always enter your UNIT CODE in UPPERCASE. If you cannot locate your unit code in this report, please contact Shauna Becker in the clerk's office at 630-232-5954 or

Q:   What is my password?
A:   On first login, your password is 4 digits for the current year plus your unit code ALL IN LOWERCASE: for example: 2013kk99. On the next screen, you will be prompted to create a new password. Your password must have a least 8 characters. Please make note of the new password.

Q:   I cannot VERIFY MY UNIT with the phone number I am using?
A:   Call me or email me, I can look up the phone number that is currently associated with your unit. You will use that number to verify your UNIT; then you will have authority to change to a different phone number.

Q:   What if I forget my password?
A:   From the login page, simply click on "Forgot your password?" and you will be prompted to enter your unit code. An email with a new temporary password will be sent to the email address on file for your unit of government. But after entry, the system will want you to create your own password, please do so.

Q:   I am only getting a partial page, they is it not loading correctly?
A:   It could be your browser, use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, if that still doesn’t work and your unit has technical staff, consult them or contact our office.

Q:   How long can I be idle before Units of Government Online Filing times out?
A:   Units of Government Online Filing will time out after 2 hours without activity. However, your work is saved through the last screen where you have clicked "Save & Continue."

Q:   What information about a filer is required?
A:   A filer's name, position title, home address, phone number and individual email address. Job title or position is required; if you do not know the exact wording of the job title, please provide a general like: Manager, Trustee, Commissioner, etc. Email addresses will allow the clerk's office to save on traditional mailings and improve outreach.

Q:   Why is more information required now?
A:   In 2011, the Illinois Governmental Ethics Act was amended, allowing the collection of more information about your filers: position titles, phone numbers and emails.

Q:   How many steps must I complete?
A:   There are four steps to the Units of Government Online Filing:
      1.   Verify Account - provide your unit's phone number and zip code. If you cannot get in because it is not accepting the phone number you are submitting. Call (630) 232-5954 or email, I can look up the phone number that is currently on your unit. You will use that number to get in, verify your account; then in the MY INFORMATION step you will change the phone number.
      2.   My Information - confirm your unit's address; unit's website address (if applicable); administrator and contact's name, title, phone, fax and email.
      3.   My Filers - review and update the list of filers you submitted last year, mark as Not Required any who are no longer required to file (askes for a reason why not required) and add new filers to the list. Due to a change in the law, you must provide job titles and phone numbers for all filers. We strongly encourage you to provide only individual emails for your filers because emailing notices will allow us to receipt the filer after their submission; it will also be more efficient and cut costs.
      4.   SUBMIT FILING - this is the most important step and one that you can easily forget. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SUBMIT and receive your SUBMISSION CONFIRMATION sent to your email address. You will review your final list, check a confirmation box and click "Submit Filing." You will receive an email confirmation.

Q:   How can I edit my list of filers in Step 3?
A:   Upon initial entry this year, all your filers (provided from the prior year) will appear in RED.
On screen - you can edit each filer individually on screen. Click on the ID number to the left of a filer's name. Filer information will appear where you can change the person's name, address or filer status. Here you can add or change the person's job title, phone and email address, too. Please do not use periods, commas etc. in the address fields, this is per US postal system regulations.

Q:   What phone number do I put in for my filer?
A:   You can use either a work number or home number. We would like the best contact phone number possible. If they have a phone number with an extension, a separate field is provided for the extension. For Kane County Departments, for example: 630-232-5954, that is mine.
DO NOT use 630-232-5950 ext. 25954.

Q:   What do I do if I have a filer that is no longer required to file?
A:   If you have a filer who is no longer required to file, please change their STATUS to "Not Required". A REASON dropdown list will pop up; select a reason; then "Save & Continue". Please DO NOT TYPE OVER a former filer with a new filer. Change that former filer's status, provide a reason, and continue on. Add your new filer by clicking the "New Filer" button. The new filer will have their own filer number and that number will be tied to them forever. If you type over a current record, then you are placing two people on the same number.

Q:   Will my list of filers be shown on a public website?
A:   Yes. In the interest of transparency, Public Act 096-1336 also allows for a creation of online public databases of filers by unit of government. The lists will be made available at the end of the filing cycle in May; until that time a report will display information of past years. Filer's personal information, such as, home address, phone number and email, will not be displayed.

Q:   How do I edit my list to make changes after it has been submitted?
A:   You may login to the site and update your list until the February 1 deadline. After that date, please contact our office for access to your list.

Q:   Will I be able to see if my filers have submitted their statements?
A:   Yes. After the filing period begins, you will be able to login to VIEW the statuses of your filers. We encourage you to check and remind your filers to file before the May 1 Deadline. Should May 1 fall on a weekend, the first Monday will be the deadline to file.

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